Goldenfields Water turn the taps on for Stage 1 Mandamah Farmers

Published on 04 July 2019


Goldenfields Water County Council is pleased to announce that Stage 1 Mandamah farmers will be able to turn their taps on from Thursday 4th July, as the final testing phase has been completed, making the stage fully operational. 

An official opening of Stage 1 Mandamah will take place later this month at the scheme’s reservoirs to celebrate this historical achievement, as farmers in the Mandamah area will no longer have to rely on rainfall for their water supply.

The Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme is one of Goldenfields Water’s biggest undertakings in recent history.  An investment of $10.9 million dollars that will expand the regions water supply network a further 180 kilometres.  In addition to providing water security, the scheme will reduce the burden of drought and improve the quality of life for local farmers and their families, in which many have spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day carting water due to dry conditions.

Mandamah Stage 1 works commenced in November 2017 and included the construction of two new reservoirs off the Wargin Trig Access Road, upgrade to the Reefton Pump Station, 66 kilometres of main pipeline and approximately 23 new connections. 

Goldenfields Water Engineering Manager Sammy Jung said, “We’re excited to announce Stage 1 as operational.  The successful delivery of Stage 1 Mandamah Scheme has required the collaboration of staff across Goldenfields Water who have worked together to deliver the project at excellent value for money.”

The official opening will take place at the Mandamah reservoirs at a date in July, which will be announced and communicated by Goldenfields Water in the coming weeks.  Construction plans for stages 2, 3 and 4 are currently being finalised and works for stage 2 will commence in the 2019/20 FY.

Additionally, Goldenfields Water has recently completed the installation of Barmedman’s new bulk water filling station and it is now ready for customer use.  The bulk filling station will provide improved water carting ability for landholders in the area who are not connected to the Mandamah scheme. 

The Barmedman station is the last of three stations installed this financial year (other locations include Temora and West Wyalong) and allows customers a faster service, filling a typical 10,000 litre truck filling in under 30 minutes. 

The Barmedman filling station is located on Watson Street and to use the filling stations, customers will need to sign up at the Goldenfields Water office and be given an access key (ibutton).



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