New water main to reduce discoloured water in Coolamon

Published on 03 May 2018

New water main.jpg

Around 130 metres of new water main has been installed in Coolamon in response to discoloured water reports in the area.

The new water main installed along Kingdon Drive, Coolamon will see the previous water main no longer used.

Goldenfields Water staff are now renewing all house service lines, which connect the water main to a property’s water meter. Historically these lines were made of galvanised materials which cause discoloured water once aged.

Goldenfields Water General Manager Darryl Hancock said the new water main and renewal of house service lines will directly benefit customers in Kingdon Drive.

‘Works currently undertaken will help reduce discoloured water,’ Mr Hancock said.

‘While these works are important in reducing discoloured water, homeowners should consider replacing any galvanised pipes on their property to prevent discoloured water.

‘By keeping water moving through their pipes, customers can also reduce discoloured water caused by potential mineral build-up.’

The new water main is a 63mm pipe compared to the previous 100mm pipe. The smaller pipe size will reduce the volume of water held in the pipes.

‘The reduction in water volume will increase the flow of water in the pipes, which removes mineral build-up and prevents discoloured water,’ Mr Hanock said.

‘The smaller pipe size will also help reduce manual flushing requirements and water loss.’

As part of the project’s investigation phase, Goldenfields Water staff found discoloured water in Kingdon Drive was due to mineral build-up caused by a number of factors including:

  • A low number of houses connected to the water main which reduces the movement of water in pipes
  • A ‘dead-end’ water main (the end of a water main which does not allow the circulation of water flow
  • House service lines using galvanised materials.