Next stage underway for Mandamah

Published on 01 November 2019


Goldenfields Water have begun construction on the second stage of the Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme this week, with works for Stage 2 expected to continue until the end of year.

General Manager for Goldenfields Water, Aaron Drenovski, said the second stage of the Mandamah project is similar in size to stage 1, which has been in operation since July.

“Stage 2 will include approximately 60 kilometres of main and provide 16 new rural customers with a total of 33 connections.

Unlike Stage 1, customers won’t have to wait until the entire stage is completed to have access to water as the scheme is already operational with the pump station and reservoirs being included in the construction of stage 1.

Our construction and distribution team will be connecting each meter as we go past their front gate, pending pressure testing, flushing and sanitisation of the network”, said Mr Drenovski.

The stage 2 network will extend west towards the Beckom Buddigower Road, crossing the Newell Highway with branch mains to service properties in the areas of O’Brien’s Lane, Tyndalls Lane and Cross Lane.

Plans for stages 3 and 4 are currently with the consultants and expected to be finalised in the coming months.

“We are proud to be extending our entire network a further 180km to deliver a secure water source to the Mandamah region and thank the Mandamah Water Association and local farmers for their ongoing support”, added Mr Drenovski.

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