Tackling discoloured water in Coolamon

Published on 29 June 2018

Tackling discoloured water.jpg

Goldenfields Water has finished the second of three projects to reduce discoloured water in Coolamon.

Recently completed work to eliminate a dead-end water main along Coolamon Road, Coolamon will minimise discoloured water for a small number of properties.

Following investigations in March 2018, the dead-end water main was identified as a cause of discoloured water due to reduced water flow and sediment build-up.

Goldenfields Water General Manager Darryl Hancock said connecting affected properties to an alternate water main will prevent discoloured water occurrences.

‘The alternate water main will see an increased flow of water in the pipe,’ Mr Hancock said.

‘This is due to the extra water demand from additional property connections now on this service,’ he said.

‘The increased water flow prevents sediment build-up in the water main which can cause discoloured water.’

In May 2018, 130 metres of new water main was installed along Kingdon Drive, Coolamon.

A third project to eliminate a dead-end and expand the existing water network from Garland Street to Jerricks Lane, Coolamon is expected to be finished by the end of 2018. This work will further reduce discoloured water in the area.

‘These projects together with our targeted flushing program will help alleviate discoloured water in areas of Coolamon which experienced discoloured water in the past six months,’ Mr Hancock said.

‘If residents do experience discoloured water they can report it to us at any time.’

Report discoloured water by calling 1800 800 917 (24 hours a day, seven days a week).