Water saving measures to stay water wise this summer

Published on 29 October 2019


Goldenfields Water County Council are encouraging their 46,000 customers across the South West Slopes and Riverina regions to be mindful of their water use as the warmer weather approaches, with the introduction of their water saving measures.

Goldenfields Water’s General Manager, Aaron Drenovski, said “simple actions such as watering gardens and lawns in the morning or night to reduce evaporation loss and fixing leaking taps and toilets around the home will help reduce water waste.

We would like to remind our customers that despite having a secure water source, we need to be conscious of our water usage and use common sense to encourage the efficient use of water in our region.

With a large percentage of the state officially in drought, it’s vital to take early and decisive action and it’s important to know where your water is coming from.”

Goldenfields Water source their water supply via the Murrumbidgee River and 8 groundwater resources, which is then treated and transported across 2,100km of mains owned and operated by Goldenfields Water, to each of its constituent council areas.

“Water saving measures not only help ensure the long term sustainability of water resources, they also help reduce the impact and demand on infrastructure required for storing and transporting water over such a large geographical area.” said Mr Drenovski.

Furthermore, Goldenfields Water are committed to helping customers become more water wise through the recent development of their mobile phone app.

Mr Drenovski added “the Goldenfields Water App is a fantastic piece of technology that provides our customers with information 24/7, giving the customer access to see how much water they are using, how much it is costing them at a hourly/daily/weekly rate, as well as the ability to set water consumption targets and receive alerts if these are exceeded.”

At the current time, water allocations remain at full capacity for Goldenfields Water, meaning no water restrictions are necessary. However given the lack of rainfall over recent months, the situation will be regularly monitored and reviewed moving forward.

For more water saving tips and information about the Goldenfields Water App, head to the Goldenfields Water website – gwcc.nsw.gov.au