Tender outcomes


01/2018 - Oura Treatment Plant and Pump Station Strategic Asset Plan

Awarded to: Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd


01/2017 - SCADA and Control Systems

Awarded to: SAFEgroup Automation Pty Ltd

02/2017 - Supply of Council Vehicles

Awarded to: Palmer Ford

03/2017 - Backflow Prevention Installation Project

Contractor Panel: 000 Plumbing Services Australia Pty Ltd; Dunn's Plumbing Service; Macarthur Gas Pty Ltd; New Plumbing Solutions

04/2017 - Material Supply

Awarded to: Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd

05/2017 - Supply and Installation of Reservoir Mixers

Awarded to: WEARS Australia

06/2017 - Building Cleaning Services 2017-2021

Awarded to: Dynamic Property Cleaning Solutions

10/2017 - Supply of Vehicles

Awarded to: Palmer Ford

11/2017 -  Mandamah Reservoirs Design and Construction

Awarded to: Hornick Constructions Pty Ltd