Goldenfields Water County Council

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Policy Documents

Goldenfields Water County Council's current Policy Documents.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (PP010_Gifts_and_Benefits_Policy.pdf)PP010 - Gifts and Benefits PolicyPP010 - Gifts and Benefits Policy770 Kb
Download this file (PP011_Related_Party_Disclosures_Policy_Attachment_2016.pdf)PP011 - Related Party Disclosures PolicyPP011 - Related Party Disclosures Policy703 Kb
Download this file (PP005_ Delegations of Authority Register.pdf)PP005 - Delegations of Authority RegisterPP005 - Delegations of Authority Register143 Kb
Download this file (PP009_Concealed Leak Detection Policy.pdf)PP009 - Concealed Leak Detection PolicyPP009 - Concealed Leak Detection Policy121 Kb
Download this file (PP007_Water Connection_2016.pdf)PP007 - Water Service Connection PolicyPP007 - Water Service Connection Policy684 Kb
Download this file (PP008_Developer Charges_2016.pdf)PP008 - Developer Charges PolicyPP008 - Developer Charges Policy1050 Kb
Download this file (PP006_Backflow_Prevention_Policy_2016.pdf)PP006 - Backflow Prevention PolicyPP006 - Backflow Prevention Policy688 Kb
Download this file (PP003_Councillors_Expenses_Policy_2016.pdf)PP003 - Councillors Expenses PolicyPP033 - Councillors Expenses Policy730 Kb
Download this file (PP004_Investment_20160623.pdf)PP004 - Investment PolicyPP004 - Investment Policy546 Kb
Download this file (PP001_Procurement of Goods Services and Materials Policy.pdf)PP001 - Procurement of Goods Services and Materials PolicyPP001 - Procurement of Goods Services and Materials Policy108 Kb
Download this file (CP037_Code_of_Conduct_2016.pdf)CP037 Code of ConductCP037 Code of Conduct176 Kb
Download this file (Pesticide Notification Plan 2015.pdf)Pesticide Use Notification PlanPesticide Use Notification Plan95 Kb
Download this file (CP025_Plant_Procurement_15-080.pdf)CP025 Plant ProcurementCP025 Plant Procurement542 Kb
Download this file (CP023_Code_Of_Meeting_Practice_09-110.pdf)Code of Meeting Practice PolicyCode of Meeting Practice Policy162 Kb
Download this file (Pollution Incident Response Management Plan.pdf)Pollution Incident Response Management PlanPollution Incident Response Management Plan715 Kb
Download this file (Privacy_Management_Plan_2013.pdf)Privacy_Management_Plan_2013.pdfPrivacy Management Plan4043 Kb
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