Temora school children plant 170 trees with Goldenfields Water

Published on 25 May 2022


Children from two local schools joined Goldenfields Water to plant 170 trees along Thanowring Road, Temora to revegetate an area of recently cleared land.

In total, 44 students, 25 Year 5/6 students from Temora Public School and 19 Year 6 students from St Annes Central School, joined Goldenfields Water and Murrumbidgee Landcare in a morning workshop on Thursday, May 19.

The schoolchildren, listened to an informative talk on who Goldenfields Water are and their purpose within the community, as well as the current project taking place along Thanowring Road.

Due to ageing infrastructure, Goldenfields Water is renewing 40kms of mains on the Thanowring Road. The project involved the removal of a 450m corridor of vegetation, which Goldenfields Water committed to revegetate. 

Murrumbidgee Landcare representative, Ben Muller then informed the children of the importance roadside vegetation has in forming critical habitat corridors for native species moving to areas of bushland across our often-fragmented landscapes.

“Roadside reserves may also contain threatened plant and animal species,” Mr Muller explained. “Such as the critically endangered Swift Parrot, which flies from Tasmania to feed on the winter flowers of Mugga Ironbark trees in the Temora area. There are estimated to be less than 1000 Swift Parrots remaining in the wild.”

The students planted a total of 170 trees including Grey Box, Ironbark, and smaller species such as She Oaks and some Wattles in order to replicate what currently grows in the area.

Temora Public School’s Principal (Relieving), Erin Pike said of the day, “The tree planting initiative was a great opportunity for our students to pay it back to the community. Our students enjoyed planting the trees and working with other children from St Anne's. The excursion was a great way for our students to show respect for their community and responsibility for future generations to come; demonstrating the core PBL values of our students at TPS.”

Goldenfields Water is committed to environmental sustainability, with the intent to continue partnering with Murrumbidgee Landcare on future tree planting activities.


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