Oura High Voltage Upgrade


Goldenfields Water have engaged Gongues Construction to perform the civil works at the Oura Water Treatment Facility to allow for the renewal and upgrade of the High Voltage Assets.


 Above: The existing Oura Treatment Plant 

The works for this project will include:

  • construction of a new switch room building
  • installation of new communications tower
  • new 750mm ductile iron pipeline for connection to future reservoirs
  • installation of all new pits and conduits for the electrical cabling

Goldenfields Water staff will then be installing the newly purchased high voltage assets with the assistance of Schneider, Safegroup and RIC Electrical.


 The upgrade commenced in April with civil construction now complete. 

Installation of the new high voltage and low voltage equipment is underway with expected completion by late September 2022.

Project Benefits 

 The high voltage upgrade will result in:

  • improved reliability of water supply
  • provide Goldenfields Water the ability to continue pumping water even is there is no Essential Energy Supply (installation of Generator Connection Points)
  • provisions for future water treatment operations to meet the future needs of the growing communities

Latest Works 

The civil works at Oura has now reached completion This consisted of:

  • Installation of pits and conduits
  • Completion of construction of switch room building
  • New 750mm ductile iron pipeline for connection to future reservoirs
  • Finalised transformer pads & pipeline ready for installation
  • Installation of cooling system
  • Installation of generator connection points
  • Completion of paths & roadways and;
  • Installation of communications tower
High-Voltage-Project-Oura-IMG13-24112021.png 1-High-Voltage-Project-Oura-IMG11-24112021.png

1-High-Voltage-Project-Oura-IMG02-24112021.png .1-High-Voltage-Project-Oura-IMG08-24112021.png

Above: Completed pits and conduits ready for electrical cables  | Above: Air conditioning units to keep high voltage room under 23ºC


1-High-Voltage-Project-Oura-IMG14-24112021.png 1-High-Voltage-Project-Oura-IMG01-24112021.png

Above: Completed high voltage room                                                    Above: Protective screen in blast room off the high voltage room.


Initial Works 

Above: the slab being poured for the main building, early June |   Above: Framework taking place


More Information 

For more information on this project, call the Goldenfields Water office on 6977 3200 between 9am and 430pm, Monday to Friday.