West Wyalong Water Reliability

A water infrastructure project that will reinforce water security in the Bland Shire to support industry, agriculture, and water supply.




Areas within the current township of West Wyalong have lower than expected water pressure during peak demand periods – this includes the West Wyalong Hospital.

The pressure issues also limit future expansion of the West Wyalong township affecting agricultural & primary industries including Lake Cowal mine.

Through the Goldenfields Water customer survey the towns water pressure was highlighted as a major priority. From this, the Goldenfields Water Board committed to a feasibility study before completing detailed designs for the project.  

The project will deliver a new water tower, 8km water supply trunk main, 7km distribution water main and new transfer pump station.

Joint funding for the project has been provided by Federal and State Governments, as well as Goldenfields Water. 




  • Construction of the West Wyalong Water Reliability Project commenced in September 2022.
  • The project is estimated to be completed by October 2023.

Pictured above: State Member for Cootamundra, The Hon, Ms Steph Cooke MP joined by GWCC General Manager Aaron Drenovski, Bland Shire Council Mayor Brian Monaghan,General Manager Grant Baker and Councillors Liz McGlynn and Tony Lord alongside students from West Wyalong Public School and St Mary's War Memorial School at the official 'sod turn event' on Friday 14th October.

Project Benefits

The West Wyalong Water Reliability Project is going to provide greater water security for the Wyalong & West Wyalong communities. The project will:

  • Increase water pressure to the Wyalong & West Wyalong townships
  • Increase security of water supply
  • Allow for future expansion of the Lake Cowal mine, the township & agricultural industry
  • Provide a more efficient operation of the system and renewed assets

Latest Works 

Quay Civil Pty Ltd, who are the contractors for the construction of the reservoir completed the seventh and final section of the standpipe reservoir in early May.  The reservoir now stands at 26 metres tall.

Major infrastructure items such as the roof and external ladder are currently being fabricated and will be installed in the coming months. 





Killard Infrastructure, who are constructing the project's supply main and reticulation network are tracking well.  As of early June 2023, Killard Infrastructure have completed approximately 7.8km of supply main, with only 200 metres remaining. 

Out of the 6km of reticulation pipework, Killard have laid roughly 4.8km and pressure tested the first 2km.



Below is a current map of pipeline construction as of Friday 2nd June 2023.

From mid April - July 2023 there will be an increase in traffic disruption as works near the Main Street.  These disruptions will include traffic control and road conditions. We ask all motorists and pedestrians to take care when approaching the area and we apologise for any inconvenience these conditions may cause over the coming months.

Goldenfields Water would also like to remind West Wyalong residents that with the construction of the new pipeline reticulation system, parts of and/or various roads may be impacted and these roads will only receive a temporary seal until the entire project is completed in August.  Once contractors have completed laying the townships reticulation system, Goldenfields will work alongside Bland Shire’s sealing program to fully restore all roads affected during the project.



More information 

West Wyalong Water Reliability Project Flyer(PDF, 2MB)

For more details call 6977 3200 between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.