Have your say on Goldenfields Water’s 2020 Customer Survey

Published on 22 July 2020


As part of the Goldenfields Water Delivery Program for 2017-2021, Goldenfields Water committed to develop and implement its first Community Engagement Strategy. As part of this strategy Goldenfields are implementing the 2020 customer survey to help inform its medium and long term decision making.

Goldenfields Water have collaborated with expert social media market researcher ‘Iris Research’ to roll out their Customer Satisfaction Survey during the month of August. The survey will be conducted via telephone and as an online questionnaire, designed to provide important insights into the local community’s priorities and satisfaction levels including Goldenfields brand recognition and reputation, customer service experience, product quality and service delivery.

Goldenfields General Manager Aaron Drenovski is urging customers to be involved in the survey; “Customer feedback is essential in order for Goldenfields to develop strategies that meet the expectations of our consumers. This is a great opportunity for the community to communicate with us on where we are going well and areas that we may need to improve”.

During August, customers will be contacted via telephone to undertake the survey, alternatively the survey will be available to everyone on Councils website for a two week period from Monday 3 August 2020.

By implementing this survey Goldenfields aims to improve its engagement with the local communities and customers and increase their involvement in the delivery of the regions water supply services.

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