New bulk water filling station for Ardlethan

Published on 20 January 2020


A joint collaboration between Coolamon Shire Council and Goldenfields Water has seen the installation of a new bulk water filling station for Ardlethan.

As part of the Federal Government Drought Communities Program funding, Coolamon Shire Council funded the project and Goldenfields Water will own and operate the station, along with their three other bulk water stations and 26 rural standpipes located throughout the scheme’s network.

John Seymour, Mayor of Coolamon Shire Council, said “Coolamon Shire Council is pleased to be able to facilitate bringing this new water station to the Ardlethan community through our partnership with Goldenfields Water. 

It was reported as an issue through the ongoing drought and council were happy to commit a funding allocation towards providing this piece of important water infrastructure. This station will improve the service for farmers carting water and offer a more convenient way for contractors and rural customers to be able to access the necessary water supply,” he continued.

Ardlethan’s bulk water filling station is located in Yithan Street and significantly reduces the time required to fill trucks, with a typical 10,000 litre truck filling in under 30 minutes. 

The Ardlethan bulk water filling station is now available for all rural, residential and commercial customers to utilise.  To access the new station, customers will need to sign up in person at the Goldenfields Water office located at 84 Parkes Street Temora to receive their access key (ibutton). 

All customers will be required to pay in advance for their usage and ‘top up’ their accounts as required.  Customers wishing to use multiple stations will be able to use the same access key but will need to make separate ‘top ups’ to use each station, as the credit is not transferable.  Payments to accounts can be made in person at the office, over the phone or online.

Both water carters and receivers should take the time to familiarise themselves with the differing requirements between potable and non-potable water supply when using water carter services.

More information and applications forms can be found on the Goldenfields Water website - or contact Goldenfields Water’s customer service team on 6977 3200 (Mon – Fri 9am – 4.30pm).

A reminder that the 25 percent discount on all bulk water filling stations and standpipes rates is available for all rural and residential customers.  Goldenfields Water will be offering this discount until 30 June 2020.