Public notices


Presentation of Financial Statements(PDF, 121KB)

Temora Office Closure 2 & 5 October 2020(PDF, 410KB)

Change of Council Meeting Times 3 March 2020(PDF, 373KB)

Change of Council Meeting Date 21 February 2020(PDF, 29KB)


Temora Office Closure 2019/20(PDF, 139KB)

Temora Office Closure Friday 13 December from 12:00pm(PDF, 139KB)

Temora Office Closure Thursday 21 November 2019 From 9-11am(PDF, 139KB)

Presentation of Financial Statements(PDF, 112KB)

Temora Office Closure Friday 4 October and Monday 7 October 2019(PDF, 88KB)

Code of Meeting Practice on Public Display(PDF, 113KB)

Temora Office Closure Thursday 30 May 2019 from 3pm(PDF, 91KB)

2019/20 Operational Plan on Public Display(PDF, 87KB)

Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting 11 March 2019(PDF, 185KB)

Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting 20 February 2019 (PDF, 181KB)


Temora Office Closure 2018/19(PDF, 257KB)

Notice of Council Meetings 2018/19(PDF, 90KB)

Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting 6 November 2018 (PDF, 185KB)

Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting 8 October 2018(PDF, 92KB)

Notice of Council Meeting Changes 2018(PDF, 89KB)


Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting 2018(PDF, 184KB)

Notice of Council Meetings 2017/18(PDF, 90KB)

Temora Office Closure 2017/18(PDF, 223KB)

Presentation of Financial Statements(PDF, 12KB)

Change of meeting date october 2017(PDF, 289KB)

Temora Office Closure 2017(DOCX, 696KB)


Christmas/New Year Office Closure 2016(PDF, 83KB)

Financial Statements 2015-2016 (PDF, 8KB)

Councillor Expenses Policy - Public Exhibition (PDF, 26KB)

Operational Plan 2016 - Public Exhibition(PDF, 26KB)

 Notice of Extraordinary Council Meeting - 12 April 2016(PDF, 27KB)