Positive news for Daylight customers but restrictions still enforced

Published on 02 December 2022


After a considerable amount of preparation and planning, Goldenfields Water staff have successful accessed the Daylight bore site, which was inundated with flood waters last week. 

Staff travelled approximately 10 kilometres via boat on Wednesday 30th November to reach the site and assess the condition of the assets.

Production and Services Manager for Goldenfields Water, Geoff Veneris has advised “one bore was destroyed, whilst the other was in a recoverable position to be re-energised.

The staff worked within dangerous conditions from 5am to around 10pm, in attempt to gain access and develop a temporary makeshift, so that at least one bore could be operational for the communities supplied with water off this scheme.”

Mr Veneris continued “it’s a huge credit to the staff for their dedication and to utilise their own personal equipment, work within dangerous conditions whilst under significant safety protocols and with the state government control agencies, in an attempt to regain water supply.”

Goldenfields Water can confirm that provisions of supply have been re-activated, however, the supply system may not last and is currently only producing half of what the scheme generally produces.

Mr Veneris has advised that “whilst some supply has been recovered, it is unknown how long this temporary setup will last. It is hopeful that we can at least recover our storage systems before a failure; however, this cannot be guaranteed at this stage.”

With warm temperatures predicted for the weekend, Goldenfields Water can’t stress enough the importance of every customer maintaining these the level 5 water restrictions until the system and water storages have recovered, which will take a number of days.    

In the interim, rural customers can access standpipes by contacting the below agents in the following towns:

  • Barellan, Yapunyah Street, contact Mr P Findlay on 6963 9246
  • Ungarie, Wollongough Street, contact Martin & Kim Cattle on 6975 9643 / 0428 997 540

Alternatively, Goldenfields Water has three quick fill standpipes located at West Wyalong, Barmedman and Ardlethan.  To access these stations customers will need to create accounts and collect a key from the Goldenfields Water office located at 84 Parkes St Temora.  There are also a number of other standpipes available within the Goldenfields Water supply area, however these are the closest for Daylight customers.

A reminder of the level 5 water restrictions:

What is allowed:

  • Less than 100 L/per person/per day
  • Stock and animal drinking ONLY

What is not allowed:

  • Crop spraying, pool filling, garden/lawn watering banned
  • All construction water use banned

Under the Local Government Act 1993, the maximum penalty that may be applied for a breach of imposed water restrictions is $2,200.

Notice is hereby given under Regulation 137 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, which permits the use of water to be restricted if there is a shortage of supply. This notice has been in effect since 22 November 2022 and will remain in effect until varied by further notice.


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