Depth Days

Depth Days

Depth Days are a unique opportunity for schools within the Goldenfields Water supply area to come together to experience the water processing system first-hand and relate it back to their HSC studies.

Our Depth Days are based on research into the curriculum and cover topics relating to HSC Chemistry, Investigating Science and Geography.  They are designed for senior secondary students and are held annually, generally during the months of April and May.

Depth Days cover a range of different activities including:

  • Seeing the water process in action - tour of the water treatment plant
  • Getting hands on with real-life experiments in the lab
  • Using the findings from the day to work on exercises relating to key HSC curriculum study topics

Depth Days are held at the Jugiong Water Treatment Plant and are free for all schools within the Goldenfields Water supply area to attend (schools must organise their own transport).

Unfortunately, due to the level of upgrade works currently being undertaken at Jugiong Water Treatment Plant, Depth Days have been cancelled for 2022. Please review our 'Water Treatment Process' video included below.


The Water Treatment Process

We have produced an educational video on the Water Treatment Process undertaken at our Jugiong Water Treatment Plant. View it here