Goldenfields Water customers can now monitor their water consumption anytime, anywhere and all for free. MyH2O is an online and easy-to-use service that gives you the tools to save water and money. Sign up to track your daily water usage and keep an eye on how much it's costing.

You can also choose your own water consumption targets and set up alerts to warn you if these targets have been or are likely to be exceeded. Customers can add any of their properties to their MyH2O profile and give others, including tenants and real estate agents, access to view water usage information.

Access the MyH2O information leaflet(PDF, 375KB) for more information.

Register for MyH2O 

Step 1


Select 'Sign up now'.

Step 2

Enter your property details

Including personal details which will be used to verify your identity against Council records.

Step 3

Access your details and personalise your profile

Customise your alerts and consumption data.