Oura Water Treatment Plant - Stage 2, Reservoir & Aerator Construction


Goldenfields Water have engaged Quay Civil Pty Ltd to undertake the $12.6 million detailed design and construction of new water infrastructure at the Oura Water Treatment Plant.

The design and construction of the reservoirs and aerators forms Stage 2 of the Oura Water Treatment Plant Upgrade.

Works for Stage 2 will include:

  • the finalisation of the preliminary designs for the construction of the proposed multi tray aeration unit and structural tower
  • transfer pipeline
  • two reservoirs (4ML each)
  • associated civil and electrical infrastructure along with instrumentation for the operation and monitoring of the system 

Above: an original reservoir at the Oura Water Treatment Plant site


  • Site mobilisation was completed mid September 2023
  • The base of the two reservoirs were poured in January/February 2024
  • The DN750 stainless steel inlet and outlet pipes that the GWCC Mechanical team fabricated specifically for the project have been installed
  • A total of 48 individual panels will be required to make up the walls of the reservoirs. Each panel will be poured individually then lifted into place via a crane

Stage 2 is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.


Above: GWCC Chairperson Matt Stadtmiller, General Manager Aaron Drenovski, Production and Services Manager Geoff Veneris alongside Quay Civil Pty Ltd representatives on site early October 2023.


Above: One of the DN750 stainless steel pipes the Mechanical team fabricated in our Temora workshop


Above: aerial view of excavation works, preparing for the new reservoirs.


Above: 3am start for the contractors pouring the second reservoir base slab


Above: Sunrise on slab pour day 


Above: Aerial view of both reservoir bases

Project Benefits

  • Increased water storage capacity for growth in towns supplied from our Oura Scheme
  • Reduced potential for disruption to supply when maintenance works are carried out on reservoirs
  • Increased treatment time to improve water quality

Above: sketch design of the reservoirs that will be constructed. 

More Information

For more information on this project, call the Goldenfields Water office on 6977 3200 between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.