View and download Goldenfields Water County Council policies.

Customer Service Charter(PDF, 359KB)

PP001 - Procurement of Goods Services and Materials Policy(PDF, 578KB)

PP003 - Councillors Expenses Policy(PDF, 418KB)

PP004 - Investment Policy(PDF, 795KB)

PP005 - Delegations of Authority Register(PDF, 366KB)

PP006 - Backflow Prevention Policy(PDF, 714KB)

PP007 - Water Connection Policy(PDF, 458KB)

PP008 - Developer Charges Policy(PDF, 517KB)   

PP009 - Concealed Leak Detection Policy(PDF, 564KB)

PP010 - Gifts and Benefits Policy(PDF, 843KB)

PP011 - Related Party Disclosures Policy(PDF, 1MB)

PP012 - Recognition and Gifts Policy(PDF, 730KB)

PP013 - Workplace Health & Safety Policy(PDF, 312KB)

PP014 - Loans Borrowing Policy(PDF, 772KB)

PP016 - Debt Recovery & Financial Hardship Policy(PDF, 346KB)

PP017 - Equal Employment Opportunity Policy(PDF, 754KB)

PP019 - Code of Meeting Practice Policy(PDF, 813KB)

PP020 - Complaints Management Policy(PDF, 741KB)

PP021 - Internal Reporting Policy(PDF, 914KB)

PP022 - Enterprise Risk Management Policy(PDF, 736KB)

PP024 - Fraud Prevention Policy(PDF, 967KB)

PP025 - Bad Debt Policy(PDF, 668KB)

PP026 - Asset Management Policy(PDF, 132KB)

PP027 - Records and Information Management Policy(PDF, 367KB)

PP028 - Drinking Water Quality Policy(PDF, 305KB)

PP029 - Private Works Policy(PDF, 675KB)

PP030 - Corporate Credit Card Policy(PDF, 614KB)

PP031 - Code of Conduct Policy(PDF, 571KB)

PP032 - Easement and Acquisition Policy(PDF, 469KB)

PP033 - Audit Risk and Improvement Committee Charter(PDF, 639KB)

PP034 - Fraud Strategy(PDF, 638KB)

PP035 - Legislative Compliance Policy(PDF, 429KB)

PP037 - Community Service and Support Policy(PDF, 694KB)

PP038 - Statement of Business Ethics (PDF, 309KB)