Public Notices


Public Notice - Council Meeting Postponed to Thursday 7 September 2023(PDF, 74KB)

Public Exhibition - Draft Operational Plan 2023/2024 incorporating Draft 2023/2024 Fees and Charges(PDF, 161KB)


Public Notice - Draft Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors Policy(PDF, 225KB)

Public Notice - Notice of Council Meetings 2022/2023(PDF, 247KB)

Public Notice - Presentation of Financial Statements (PDF, 251KB)

Public Notice - Council Meeting Postponed to Thursday 1 September 2022(PDF, 174KB)

Public Notice - Extraordinary Council Meeting 8 August 2022(PDF, 316KB)

Public Notice - Extraordinary Council Meeting 26 May 2022 - POSTPONED (PDF, 323KB)

Public Exhibition - Draft Delivery Program 2022-26 & Operational Plan 2022-23 (PDF, 225KB)

Public Exhibition - Code of Meeting Practice (PDF, 273KB)

Public Exhibition Notification - Business Activity Strategic Plan 2022-32(PDF, 154KB)

Notice of Council Meetings 2022(PDF, 333KB)


Temora Office Closure 14 December 2021(PDF, 324KB)

Notice of Extraordinary Meeting 27 January 2022(PDF, 434KB)
(PDF, 434KB)

Presentation of Financial Statements(PDF, 114KB)

Temora Office Closure 1 & 4 October 2021(PDF, 254KB)

Change of October Council Meeting Date(PDF, 536KB)

CANCELLATION of  Extraordinary Meeting(PDF, 253KB)

Change of Meeting Date and Extraordinary Meeting(PDF, 539KB)


Temora Office Closure 2020/21(PDF, 260KB)

Notice of Council Meetings 2020/2021(PDF, 320KB)

Presentation of Financial Statements(PDF, 121KB)

Temora Office Closure 2 & 5 October 2020(PDF, 410KB)

Change of Council Meeting Times 3 March 2020(PDF, 373KB)

Change of Council Meeting Date 21 February 2020(PDF, 29KB)