Critical Large Valves Renewal


Goldenfields Water in conjunction with Gongues Construction completed major repair works on the large critical valves located within our Jugiong and Oura water supply schemes.  The works were undertaken in May through to June 2021.

Valves play a critical role in our water distribution system as it allows us to isolate sections of the network to undertake repair and maintenance works when required.  The valves at Jugiong and Oura were due for renewal as part of Goldenfields Water's valve maintenance program.

Given the location, risk of major water supply disruptions and extremely high pressures, Goldenfields Water engaged additional support from Gongues Construction.  Gongues were engaged to undertake the detailed design, including isolation and connection/methodology plans, as well as the installation and construction works.

Above: Existing valve site prepared for the works to commence 


A total of five valves were replaced as part of this major project.  Each site required a different approach for undertaking the works with a target outage time of eight hours.


Above: the works took place over an 8 hour period during the night to avoid customers experiencing water supply issues

Project Benefits

The ability to utilise valves to shutdown sections of a water supply network are critical for any water authority.  Upgrading the Jugiong and Oura large critical valves will:

  • improve distribution operation and control over the distribution system
  • reduce disruption time when there is a pipe burst, leak or pump repair along the trunk mains
  • quicker repair times, less water wastage and reduced affects on the customers when repairs are taking place


The Jugiong large critical valve replacement was completed in late May 2021 and the Oura large critical valve replacement was completed in June 2021.

Above: removing the existing valve at Jugiong 


Above: Contractors installing the new valve at Jugiong


Above: new valve install complete

More Information 

For more information on this project, call the Goldenfields Water office on 6977 3200 between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.