Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To provide regional economic opportunity and lifestyle choices through provision of a quality water supply by innovative leadership showing environmental responsibility in cooperation with the community, constituent councils and governments.

Vision Statement

To be innovative leaders in the supply and distribution of water through regional efficiency, technical excellence and customer service.


Our values


All staff act in the best interest of the communities that we serve, demonstrating and promoting moral and ethical principles in all that we do.


Built on from the value of Integrity, mutual trust is established between teams and staff at all levels. Open communication lines and transparency in our operations reflects and further builds on this trust.


All staff treat others with courtesy, politeness and kindness. Differences in viewpoints and beliefs are recognised and considered, with all people being treated fairly and equally.


All staff work together collaboratively and support one another in achieving the operational objectives of Goldenfields Water. Our staff understand the importance of working with each other to achieve our objectives.

Continuous Improvement

Staff feel confident and comfortable to offer ideas and suggestions to ensure that Goldenfields Water is continually working to deliver better services to our community and finding more efficient ways of undertaking business.