Rural Backflow Prevention

Our Rural Backflow Prevention Project sees a reduced pressure zone device (RPZD) installed on rural water connections to prevent cross contamination of water supply.


An RPZD is a device that stops the reverse flow of contaminated water in rural areas from entering our rural water supply system.

All rural connections have been classified as high risk of cross contamination due to the use of hazardous chemicals and livestock on rural properties. Cross contamination caused by these factors can travel back into rural customers’ water mains which can potentially harm health or cause death. Due to the risk, the installation of a testable RPZD is required to ensure compliance in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS3500 Part 1: Plumbing and Drainage Section 4).

The work is being undertaken by contactors on behalf of Goldenfields Water. Backflow devices will be installed before the water meter (pictured below) and Goldenfields Water is responsible for the lifetime maintenance of the backflow device.

Pictured: A backflow device which is installed before the water meter. The device prevents cross contamination of water supply in rural areas.


The project started in December 2017 and is 95% complete.

Device installation

There are currently no devices being installed.

More information:

Affected residents will receive a planned interruption notice before installation work takes place. 

For more details call 6977 3200 between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.