Water restrictions lifted for Daylight Scheme customers

Published on 18 January 2023


Goldenfields Water would like to advise customers supplied with water on the Daylight Scheme, that as of today, the current level 3 water restrictions will be lifted and no further water restrictions will be enforced.

The regions water restrictions came into place on Tuesday 22nd November 2022 when the scheme’s bore field became inundated by the Lachlan River flooding.

For several weeks, customers were placed on the highest level of water restrictions until Goldenfields Water staff were able to access the site via boat in mid-December and re-energise one of the two bores, allowing the scheme to operate at 50% capacity and restrictions were reduced from level 5 to level 3.

After eight weeks of flooding and water restrictions for customers, Goldenfields staff have been able to access the site earlier this week and commence work on the non-operating bore, which will include a complete overhaul.

Aaron Drenovski, General Manager for Goldenfields Water would like to thank Daylight customers for adhering to the water restrictions and acknowledge the hard work and critical thinking demonstrated by his staff during these times.

“We truly appreciate our Daylight customers following the restrictions during the middle of summer. I understand it wouldn’t have been an easy task given the time of year however, it was necessary to ensure we could maintain a supply to all our customers, until we gained a clearer understanding of when we would be able to access the site and start repairs on the bores.

Almost all staff members contributed is some respect to the management and communication of the restrictions. Our Electrical, Mechanical, Water Quality and Engineering teams worked around the clock to navigate the best solution and how to regain part operation of the scheme. Many of them went above and beyond their duties and provided use of their personal boats and equipment to ensure we could maintain some water supply for our customers.”

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