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Rosehill Pipeline Upgrade Pressure Changes


Goldenfields Water own and operate the trunk main within Hilltops LGA for the purposes of supplying bulk water to Young and other townships in the area. Hilltops Council owns and is responsible for all infrastructure downstream of the tapping band inclusive of the service line and meter assembly.

For all issues relating to your connection, please contact Hilltops Council. If required, Hilltops Council will contact Goldenfields Water directly. For leaks that are anticipated to be coming from the trunk pipeline itself, please contact Goldenfields Water.

Hilltops Council - Email: mail@hilltops.nsw.gov.au | Phone: 1300 445 586


Backflow Prevention

Rural connections are classified as high risk for cross contamination due to the use of hazardous chemicals and connection to livestock facilities on rural properties which has the ability of water to re-enter our rural water supply system if connections are not installed to Australian Standards. To ensure the safety and water quality for all customers, Goldenfields Water has recently completed the installation of 110 ‘Reduced Pressure Zone Devices’ (RPZD) on all rural customer connections located on our trunk main within the Hilltops region.

These devices result in a pressure loss of approximately 5-7m head through the device. In areas already experiencing low pressure, the installation of the device may have notable effect and possibly result in the loss of flow through the meter. Where an RPZD device is not suitable for a customer due to low flows or otherwise, the customer may need to consider installing a break tank with registered air gap at the location of the meter in order to remove the RPZD device.

Goldenfields Water are aware that in order to enable supply to some customers, the RPZD device has been temporarily removed. Please be advised that this device or a suitable registered air gap must be installed by a licensed plumber prior to 31 July 2022 upon which time Goldenfields Water will reinstall the device at a cost to Hilltops Council. Subsequent removal of the device without a suitable alternative will result in disconnection of the service.

Trunk Main Operation

Goldenfields Water has recently constructed 9kms of pipeline upgrades between Rosehill and Harden. These upgrades have increased the diameter of the pipeline to facilitate future demand estimations (inclusive of Boorowa).

A result of the increased pipeline diameter is that more water is able to flow under gravity conditions which means that the pump station located at Rosehill will have significantly reduced need to operate. It is anticipated that with current infrastructure the pump station would only be required to operate occasionally during summer peak demands.

It has come to our attention that some Hilltops customers may be relying on the pressure supplied by the pumps located at Rosehill pump station. Unfortunately, it is unfeasible for Goldenfields Water to continue to operate these pumps on a regular basis. It is recommended that these customers consider installing a break tank and pump system to meet their needs. It is important to note pumping directly from the water service is not permitted as this has the ability to impact operation and supply to other customers. A break tank must be installed prior to a pump set up.

Goldenfields Water will concede to operating the pumps until 31 July 2022 to allow a suitable timeframe for customers to undertake any required works.