Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme

We are investing $10.9 million to deliver modern water supply services to about 100 rural properties near Barmedman.


The Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme will expand the region’s water supply network by 180 kilometres to provide essential water services to farmers and residents across more than 90,000 hectares in the Mandamah region west of Barmedman.


Construction of the Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme started in November 2017.

The scheme will be delivered in four stages and is expected to take around five years to complete.

Latest works

Construction work on two new reservoirs off the Wargin Trig Access Road started on 13 June 2018. Each reservoir will have the capability to store half a million litres of water. Construction work on the new reservoirs is expected to take about six to nine months to complete.

In late August 2018 the first of four wall concrete pours was conducted. Each pour will be approximately 2m in height and contain 20m3 of concrete in each.

The Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme project is on schedule and set for completion by end of financial year 2022/23.


Pictured: Mandamah Rural Water Supply Scheme reservoir site


Pictured: Trench work as of late June


Pictured: Construction on the base of the new reservoirs as of early July

Mandamah-Rural-Supply-Scheme-works-27-July-2018.jpg Pictured: Reservoir slabs being poured in late July 2018


 Pictured: The first pour as part of the reservoir construction in late-August 2018

Customer connections

Customer connections will progressively become available as each stage of the scheme is completed.

Property owners will be responsible for organising the connection of their property to the water meter installed by Goldenfields Water.

More information

Property owners will receive more information before the first round of connections become available.

For more information about the scheme please see our project fact sheet(PDF, 1MB).

For more details call 6977 3200 between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.