Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist inspires for IWD

Published on 12 March 2024


Highly respected Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist, Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, left a group of local women inspired, speechless and without a dry eye after delivering a very empowering and highly energising talk for International Women’s Day.

Hosted by Goldenfields Water, constituent council members were invited to attend the event in celebration of International Women’s Day, which this year’s theme revolved around #InspireInclusion.    

A firm ‘do it, don’t quit’ believer, Brooke shared her exceptional achievements in both her sporting and personal life to inspire women in local government, who travelled from the areas of Junee, Bland, Temora, Cootamundra-Gundagai and Hilltops Council.

“Today I want to inspire you all, to continue to strive to be your best, to really own your true authentic self and most importantly, inspire the next generation to come,” were Ms Hanson’s opening words.

For close to 60 minutes, Ms Hanson captivated her audience as she shared what her 22-year journey involved to become an Olympian and how her biggest inspiration came from her Aunt Iris and Mother. 

‘It was just as much mum’s journey, as mine,’ said Ms Hanson when reflecting on her years of training to become an Olympian.

Admitting that as a child, Brooke and her best friend were often ‘sidelined’ in their game of soccer and were told by their coach they should play netball instead.  As her biggest supporter, her mother ensured Brooke was given every opportunity as a child and puts her mother’s passion and drive down to not having the same opportunities.

“Mum had all this confidence because she didn’t have these opportunities growing up.  She was a voice for myself, for my sister and my community.”

Ms Hanson continued to connect with her audience, sharing some of her life experiences after finishing up in the pool, including the devasting loss of her second child Jack, at just 9 months old.

Arriving 12 weeks premature and weighing just 663 grams at birth, Ms Hanson was an absolute source of inspiration as she shared her story of heartbreak.

“We all go through so much heartache, so many obstacles and so many different paths in our own journey where we really have to find strength as a woman and determine how are we going to go forward.” 

“There is a reason why I live every single day like it is my last, there is a reason why I want to be here for International Women’s Day and share my story, there is a reason why I wanted to fly here despite all the flight cancellations – why?  Because I am 100% committed to this life,’ said Ms Hanson.

International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world, in which Ms Hanson professionally and authentically delivered her message of empowerment.  Her infectious energy, bubbly personality, and unique ability to engage with the audience was truly remarkable. 


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