Tallimba, Weethalle, Naradhan & Surrounds Emergency Water Restriction

Published on 25 November 2022


As a result of the Lachlan River flooding and power supply interruptions to the water supply, Goldenfields have enacted Level 5 Emergency Supply Water Restrictions under section 137 and 144 of the Local Government Regulations 2021.

Customers are to reduce their water usage to less than 100L/person/day. See Water Restriction Information (PDF, 370KB)

There is a very real threat of water running out for the Weethalle, Tallimba and Naradhan areas – both residential and rural. While Goldenfields has arranged for water to be trucked to critical reservoirs, these deliveries will be unable to keep up with the demand unless water use is significantly reduced by all residents

The water being used by each connection is being monitored daily. Should high users be identified that threaten the availability of water, Goldenfields may be forced to cut off the water supply to these users and issue fines for failure to adhere to water restrictions up to $2200 per offence (Section 137 and 144 of the Local Government Regulations 2021). Rural users cut off from the water supply would then need to cart water for personal and stock use from locations outside the impacted area.

We appreciate these measures are difficult for our customers, however, your compliance with these orders is essential to ensure water supply is maintained during this emergency Lachlan River flooding event. 


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