Reservoir inspections and cleaning

All major water supply storages (reservoirs) above and below ground are inspected and cleaned by certified divers as part of ongoing water quality and infrastructure maintenance.


Divers vacuum the inside of the reservoirs, removing any debris and inspect all internal water supply fittings.

Reservoir cleaning by divers is one method for reducing discoloured water incidents. Others include flushing pipes and asset renewal.


The work is completed every three years. 

Latest works 

In April 2019, the Temora reservoir on Loftus St (pictured below) was the last of more than 100 reservoirs to be cleaned and inspected.


Pictured: Divers inspect reservoirs as part of infrastructure maintenance.


Pictured: An underwater vacuum is used to clean the reservoir.


Pictured: Any debris inside the reservoir is removed.

Temora-town-HL-tank-internal-ladder.jpgPictured: An underwater ladder inside the Temora reservoir.

Temora-town-HL-tank-internal-overflow-base.jpgPictured: The Temora reservoir's overflow base was inspected by divers.

More information

For more details call 6977 3200 between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.